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Mobile App Developer Job Description and Salary Expectations

A mobile application developer uses programming languages to create, manage, and maintain unique mobile and tablet applications that meet a client’s requirements. A mobile application developer may work with more than one operating system and programing language. The main responsibility of a developer involves designing, planning, and creating a mobile application that facilitates users’ needs and fulfills the client’s requirements.

Specialization in mobile phone application development and design is required to pursue this career as well as an in-depth knowledge of at least one computer language. Mobile applications can be written for any particular system, Windows, iOS or Android, and will only function on that particular system.

Job specifics and titles may vary from one organization to another, but the role is usually all about designing, testing, implementing, and, in some cases, supporting and maintaining mobile applications with the use of development tools and programming languages.

Mobile App Developer Responsibilities

The list of responsibilities includes:

  1. Establishing detailed program specifics through discussion with clients;
  2. Clarifying which actions the program is intended to perform;
  3. Breaking down all the program specifications into simple elements, and then translating this logic into a programming language, after collecting all the details and the client’s requirements for the mobile application;
  4. Problem solving related to any anticipated problems;
  5. Project work, including writing specific sections of the program;
  6. Integration of all the elements of the program and execution of the application;
  7. Testing of the mobile application as the final stage of mobile application development using sample data-sets to verify that the output of the program works as intended and meets the clients’ requirements;
  8. Identifying the mistakes and bugs and correcting them;
  9. Evaluating and making adjustments as needed to ensure and improve functionality of the app;
  10. Designing a mobile application that is adaptable to new requirements;
  11. Launching a user-acceptance test to ensure that the program is easy, responsive and accurate;
  12. Writing detailed documentation for the operation of the program for mobile users and operators;
  13. Generating consultation manuals, technical reports and periodicals to foresee new ways to develop programs and manage existing skills and knowledge; and,
  14. Updating, modifying and repairing existing mobile applications.

Qualification and Skills Required

Many employers seek someone with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, mobile application development, mobile computing or any other similar programming-related field of study. Employers who are looking for mobile application developers will also show preference to those candidates who can produce a portfolio of samples of completed mobile applications and best development projects.

Potential Employers look for mobile application development candidates with hands-on experience on different application platforms, as well, and not just their respective education. The more practical and direct experience you have, the better the chance that a potential employer will consider you one of their top candidates.

The marketable skills employers are looking for in a mobile application developer include:

  • Android app development
  • iOS app development (Apple iPhone and IPad)
  • Objective – C / C ++ programming
  • Java Programming (Java ME/EE/SE)
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Object Oriented Planning (OOP)
  • User Interface Design (IU)
  • Mobile App Portfolio Assembly
  • Database and OS Fundamentals
  • Game and Simulation Programming
  • Mobile Media Marketing and Deployment

According to the experts from Kentucky SEO firms, businesses require mobile applications development for more than one platform at a time to maximize their marketing penetration, which can in turn exponentially increase their return on investment. Because of this, you need to learn and master more than one mobile development platform if you want to become a professional mobile application developer.

Mobile Platform Core Language Dev. Environment Mobile Devices
Symbian C++ Multiple choices Multiple Vendors
Android Java Eclipse Multiple Vendors
Windows Mobile C# Visual Studio 2010 Multiple Vendors
RIM (Blackberry) Java Eclipse Blackberry Only
iOS (Apple) Objective-C Xcode Apple Devices Only


Start by getting familiar with one of the above platforms and put all your efforts toward mastering it. Once you’ve acquired all the knowledge and expertise of a particular platform, switch to another platform and master it, but be sure to keep practicing the previously learned platform. There are numerous institutions that can equip you with the skills and expertise in these different mobile platforms.

Also, there are countless online tutorial and videos for beginners to help you learn coding. Android and Apple have offer tutorials for beginners at Android Developers Training and iOS Dey Center. These are virtual necessities for a career in mobile application development.

Mobile App Developer Job Opportunities

As smartphones are the most wanted device of this era, opportunities for a mobile applications developer increase day by day. There are thousands of software houses and mobile application development organizations now functioning all over the world and these types of jobs actually comprise the third largest number of job openings in the United States, says US News, and that number only promises to grow in the future.

The demand for talented and experienced mobile application developers and software engineers is reaching new peaks due to the benefits and ease of customer interaction this kind of software offers businesses and to consumers. The overall trend of business management and operations is drifting towards computers and software, and this has opened up a ton of opportunities for software developers and mobile phone application developers.

If you are enthusiastic about software and mobile application development, it is one of the more modern careers with a promising future, with hundreds of opportunities and many ways to earn big money.

Mobile App Developer Salary and Hiring Expectations

The average annual salary of a mobile application developer in the U.S. is around $94,000, with differences appearing depending upon the exact position asked for, the related industry, and location.

  • Mobile Software Engineer – $90,000
  • Senior Mobile Developer – $111,000
  • iPad Application Developer – $95,000
  • iPhone Application Developer – $95,000
  • Blackberry App Developer – $89,000
  • Software Engineer – $90,000
  • Java Application Developer – $96,000
  • Javascript Developer – $ 124,000
  • Android Application Developer – $97,000
  • iOS Software Engineer – $102,000
  • Lead Java Developer – $110,000
  • Senior iPhone Developer – $105,000
  • Senior Android Developer – $107,000


The hourly wage of a mobile application developer varies from $21 to $150, strictly depending on the developer’s location, expertise and platforms.

Final Outlook on Mobile App Developer Career Path

It is the work of software engineers that has made our lives easier and has made the whole world accessible. With the innovation of smartphones, we carry the world in our pockets and the entire universe is just a touch away. Software developers invent these applications that we take for granted. These kinds of things weren’t even heard of a few decades ago, but they have become a necessity for us now. The alarm that you snooze at least twice in the morning or the call that you make through Skype and even the calendar that you use on your phone are all mobile applications that were designed to help make your life easier.

The best software developers are talented, and have learned to channel their creativity and technical expertise to showcase innovative ideas. In the coming years, there will be remarkable growth in the mobile application development job market. It is these kinds of skills and products that forms our present and will form the future.

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